Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thai Nalyn

I was driving around on my lunch break this afternoon killing time between meetings when I saw a sign saying "THAI NALYN NOW OPEN" so I did what any self respecting woman would do and cut across three lanes of traffic, poached two parking lots and finally made my way to the restaurant. It was a desperate attempt that paid off. NOTE: I am pretty sure that sign has been up for months but no matter.

I went to that same location about a year ago. It was a Thai Restaurant then as well but you ordered at the counter. So I walked right up to the back of the restaurant and waited at the counter to order. So, things changed. You wait to be seated. That was fun.

While perusing the menu they brought me some soup which I slurped the broth out of and left the meat. I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai without hesitation. Did I mention I was dining alone? A bit awkward but I had my pocket video games to make me feel less alone. The place was actually quite packed with business professionals who must have heard the secret about this gem. They probably waited to be seated too. My Pad Thai was at the table by level 3 of Bejeweled.

It was a large lunch serving and for $7.99, a great deal. This was one of the best Pad Thai's I have ever had. I think. I know I LOVED it and felt really excited about it. It had great flavor. Mild in spice but I am sure you can 5 star it, challenge the cooks. They brought me a mint with my bill. Hold the phone. It wasn't a mint it was a Turmeric candy. It will remain in my desk drawer until I google what Turmeric is.

I give this 3.5 lonely diner stars.