Friday, March 20, 2009

Ono Cafe

I will now be affectionately calling it O-yes Café. Ono Cafe is the offspring of Kanak Attack Catering and located on 2170 Broadway Ave. I went here with a few girlfriends last week because it has gotten good reviews and is just around the corner from my house. From the strip mall that it is in and the handpainted sandwich board sign on Broadway I had expected it to be painted teal inside (ya know...because of the ocean) with plastic leis hanging on the walls. Maybe a few palm frawns here and there. I was very wrong and quite impressed. It is really nice inside. You walk in the door to a case of AMAZING looking desserts. It is dark inside, in a good, moody, romantic sort of way. The décor on the walls is Hawaiian, but classy. Not the Zurchers party store decorations that I had been expecting.

My husband and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and got to go on a fun Luau. Everything about this place brought back those memories. The names I can't pronounce, the smoky smells, the flame dancers. flame dancers but that would have really put it over the edge. I ordered the Hukilau. Mostly because I could say it and also because it was pig. When it came to the table it was glorious. It was smoky shredded pork with coconut rice, fried onions and a bright pink flower for presentation. They really brought their A game. The flavor of the pork was AMAZING! I can't wait to take my husband!

4 sunset inspired forks


I guess they don't go there for the food.

I just got back from a wacky office lunch to celebrate a combo 40th bday party and bachelor party. It was definitely a good time and we had a lot of laughs, mostly at the expense of our over-the-hill-about-to-go-to-the-dark-side coworker. (They made him get up and dance in front of the whole restaurant or else he would have to buy everyone a beer). Service was friendly (shocking?), the beers were large but I wasn't overly impressed with the food. In fact I only ate half of my burger and just a few fries, very out of character for me. The only other time I have been to a Hooters was on my honeymoon in Hawaii, I know, romantic. I had wings there and was severely disappointed. Had to change it up this go round so I had the Western BBQ Burger which comes loaded with bacon, onion tanglers, cheese and bbq sauce. I thought the BBQ sauce was ketchup, someone had to correct me. Not impressed. The fries were ok but nothing special. You know...for an $8 burg you would think they would come with fries but those are additional. I think I just bought a new pair of super-hefty nylons.

I have had so much grease that I am tempted to crawl under my desk for an afternoon siesta. After a quick survey of the table everyone had a great time--who knew that 1980's stockings and mini to the mini shorts were appealing to guys? Entertaining. I give it 2.5 forks because of the novelty.