Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baja Fresh

Ok, I know we aren't supposed to write about chain restaurants but I think that every now and then one restaurant, although in every city across the globe, plays a melodic tune in your heart and deserves the recognition we would give a local mom and pop shop. This happened today at lunch. I had a cilantro lime love affair at Baja Fresh that left a burning passion in my heart. Ok...overboard but it was just SO good.

I ordered the standard which I rarely deviate from. Why mess with perfection? I got two pork tacos on corn tortillas with a mild salsa verde. Such a simple taco. Onion, moist and perfectly cooked pork, tangy salsa, cilantro and the juice of a lime squeezed over it. Each and every bite that I took I stared at my taco, shook my head at it and smiled with an "oh yooouuuuuuu" look. The only taco in my life that has ever even attempted to hold a torch to Baja Fresh was a taco that I got from a street vendor in Rocky Point, Mexico. Fortunately for Baja Fresh my mexican taco was made of head meat (Tacos de Cabeza) which gives the more familiar pork a head up. No pun intended.

Baja Fresh has an amazing salsa bar that makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The chips are perfect and crispy. I don't know. I just think that it is an amazing place with all fresh food. It deserved a mention. Ole!

quatro tenedores

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