Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweetwater Tropic Zone

Today I met my friend for lunch at a new'ish restaurant in downtown Boise, Sweetwater Tropic Zone. I have been DYING go to there since it opened but every time I try we always end up going somewhere else because of the prices. STUPID US!!! It is a bit more than other places, by at least a few dollars but honestly worth it. I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich which is honestly, hands down the best I have EVER had. And I do not tell lies about my food. I also ordered some Fried Sweet Plantains with sprinkled coconut and a slice of watermelon. The watermelon was a huge disappointment. I realize that it is January but I also assume that if you are going to put a slice of $2.50 watermelon on your menu in the dead of winter it dang well better be overnighted from Watermelon City. Bleh. Not only was it mushy and slimy but it had started to turn. Once I dried my eyes and cleared my throat I moved into the good stuff. I would eat rotten watermelon for a week straight in order to eat one meal at this place. It is that amazing. The pork was incredible. The sauce was sweet and smoky but there was something different about it. The bun was fresh-baked and soft and and and and. And you get another side of the sauce to dip your plantains in.

I have to say that if I wasn't such a pulled pork girl I would have had a hard time making my selection because EVERYTHING looked wonderbar. They had spicy avocado on jasmine rice with a spicy curry sauce, Cuban food, Island food and Polynesian wonderfulness. Oh help me Rhonda.

I honestly plan to return tomorrow. I kid not.

Run. Go now.


  1. My name is Rhonda. Read your blog and I would love to help you eat pulled pork at Boise restaurants. convinced me...I just want to know who I should call for help JK :)

  2. Just discovered your blog and must say it's in my bookmarks for regular reading.

    Have you ladies ventured over to IDAHOEATS (, it's a pretty cool dining guide. More of a guide than a blog, still cool.

    Keep on posting.